Dark Tower

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Here is a dark treatment of Big Ben with Westminster Abbey faintly visible in the background. This tower is so iconic and I got so many shots of it when we were there last year, I thought a stark, alternate take on it would be refreshing. Be sure to click on the image to view …

Big Ben

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This is another image from my solot walk along the Themes that I overlooked initially. I remember I couldn’t resist shooting the moon hanging off of the tower. I processed this one using the Photomatix 32-bit HDR plugin for Lightroom, then a quick trip through onOne’s Perfect Effects.   Related Images:

Parliament Blue

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I was going to save this to post post another time, but with the London Olympics winding down, I figured today was a good day for it. This was taken from the same spot I shot this one, about 45 minutes later. The Blue Hour is my favorite time to shoot. In London in the summer the …


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I’ve been doing more work with textures using Perfect Photo Suite from onOne Software. And I’m having an absolute blast doing it. This is one that I am particularly happy with. I stood at this spot on the Themes, just a few yards left of the London Eye, for about an hour waiting for the …

The Queen’s Guard

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I was surprised to see the guard here initially.  I knew the Queen’s guard were stationed outside Buckingham Palace, and I would have made the assumption that they would be posted outside any other of the Queen’s many residences, but at first I couldn’t figure out why this guard was posted outside Waterloo Barracks at …

Tower Bridge

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Not sure what the most photographed London landmark is, but I suspect the Tower Bridge is very close to the top of the list. I’d guess it is second, only to Big Ben. It’s high ranking is well deserved. It is an impressive structure and a “can’t miss” icon on any trip to London. This …