Malden Mills

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I spent some time in the archives last night looking for old images to re-process or – as in this case – images I originally overlooked. I know why I overlooked this one. It was shot back in 2010, when I was heavily into honing my HDR skills. I rarely (if ever) considered B&W conversion. I’m …

Malden Mills

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Combing through my catalog this morning, I stumbled across this shot, taken from the top of the Water Tower this past summer. It is a shot overlooking the Malden Mills (originally Arlington Mill) in Lawrence. I’m not posting it simply because I love it. I’m posting it as a memorial, of sorts. I have shot …


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Day 4 with the Nikon 24mm PC-E Lens. I love  this door at Malden Mills, I’ve featured it before here as well as the other blue door that is the main entrance to the second-hand store here. This time I opted for a simple composition, using the Tilt-Shift lens to isolate some detail. Related Images:


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A shot from the Stone Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The subjects and  compositions in the Stone Mill are endless. Related Images:

Lucky 13

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When I shoot at the mills I am always concerned about where I leave my car. I don’t like to leave it in plain sight for a couple of reasons: I don’t really want it to end up in my frame and then have to go move it and; I am not always “authorized” to …

Mill Yard

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I went over to the Malden Mill Yard for some late afternoon shooting.  The slowly setting sun created some amazing shadow patterns across the mill yard and buildings. I figured it would also be a challenge in post process. This image was shot from the top of a fire escape at the far end of …