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I honestly didn’t realize how many decent shots I got from this mill when I started posting images again from here this week. This is another of the machines that did something to the fine metal teeth of the fabric “combs” that were manufactured here. That is about as detailed as I can get, given …


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This is another shot from the old mill. Whenever I shoot a scene like this I can’t help but think of my good friend, Jacques Gudé.  Jacques is a great person and an amazingly gifted photographer with equally amazing post-processing skills. He is in the middle of an extended hiatus from his blog, but be …


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I won’t pretend that I know what the company makes – or made. But it has something to do with fine wire combs used in the fabric industry. The wire bristles are somehow embedded in the thick canvas fabric, like the coil in this shot. Or something like that.   Related Images:

Pacific Mill

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A long day of shooting the mills in Lawrence on Sunday with Dave Wilson began at the Pacific Mill. My original plan was to hit the Stone Mill first. But after I picked him up at the train station around 9:45, I thought I’d drive him past some of the other mills in town to give …

The Rafters

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It is no secret that the Stone Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts is one of my favorite local places to shoot. I enjoy a good relationship with the management and security staff there, so I enjoy access (usually) when I want it. It is not abandoned. It houses about a dozen businesses ranging from retail to …

Everett Mill Clock

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I placed an order for the Lee Big Stopper  about a century ago. The Big Stopper is a 10 stop neutral density filter who’s sole purpose is to put a big barrier between your camera and light, allowing you to shoot long exposures in the daytime. The Big Stopper has a characteristic blue tint which …

The Office Desk

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  This tiny office in the Stone Mill has also been photographed before by me as well as my friend Jacob Lucas.  Jacob was in town on business so I treated him to some east coast industrial urbex. Anyway, this image is from the same room but without he dramatic light. That’s the same chair. …


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I’m doing a photographic study of a local mill building for the owners. Heritage Place in Lawrence was purchased, gutted and converted to commercial office space about a decade ago. Great for the owners, bad for me. I prefer to get to these buildings while they are in their original, unfinished state. I did a …

Replacement Windows

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Probably not the most energy efficient windows ever, which is probably why they are  sitting in the middle of the floor of the Duck Mill. Efficiency aside, I couldn’t resist shooting them. Related Images: