An Office

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Pacific Mill

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Here is another shot from my black and white series of images of the Lawrence mills. This is the Pacific Mill, my most recent favorite place to shoot. I absolutely love the wide open space and tall windows in the mill buildings. But in the Pacific it has a different feel. The space is wider …

Mill City

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I wasn’t sure what to call this image. It was shot from the Pacific Mill yard — one of my favorite places in Lawrence to shoot. I grabbed this shot (believe it or not) around noon during one the Historic Mills Photo Walks that I host with my friend, Steven Perlmutter. I used my 10 …

Pacific Lobby

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Thought I’d get all radical and post a color image! This is from the Pacific Mill, in case you couldn’t tell from the title. This particular building in the complex is empty, but the other buildings in the complex are still occupied — mostly. I really loved the way this door was tucked away under …

Pacific Windows

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Here is another shot from last week’s visit to the Pacific Mill in Lawrence. The cinder block wall across the way was once an entryway for one of the connecting footbridges that help define these buildings. Related Images:

Working the Pacific Mill

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Lawrence’s Pacific Mill is one that I’ve shot  many many times from the exterior, but have only shot the interior a couple of times. Most recently, a few weeks ago with my friend Steven Perlmutter. It is a sprawling facility, so it will definitely take more than a couple of attempts to capture its rustic …

Pacific Office

In 24mm PC-E, lawrence, mills by Robert Lussier3 Comments

Another shot from the Pacific Mill to wind up the week. This is from the big empty floor, not one of the partially built-out floors. That is my way of saying that I don’t remember if the Mill is five or six stories high. It is a massive, sprawling structure. An absolute joy to explore. …


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Yesterday was refreshing. At least two hours of it were. For a couple of hours Steven Perlmutter and I were able to shoot the interior of the Pacific Mill in Lawrence. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot parts of the Pacific before, but there is some urgency to shoot it more comprehensively. While the main building …

Washington Smokestack

In mills, Olympus OM-D, Zuiko 12mm f/2.0 by Robert Lussier1 Comment

This is the first in a series of similarly processed images of the Mills in Lawrence (B&W, square crop) — Frankly, it is an extension of the occasional B&W work I’ve been doing. I’m just trying to get more disciplined about it. I have a couple of recent images already done and I’ve been going …

Pacific Mill

In 15mm fisheye 2.8, lawrence, mills by Robert Lussier1 Comment

An older image for today’s post. This one from May, 2012. Although it could be from May of 2013, or 2011, given how much the Pacific Mill has changed over the years. But that’s about to change. The last time I was there I noticed “Dig Safe” markings on the ground and one section of …