Wannalancit Mill Spiral

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Last week I had a chance to photograph two gorgeous staircases at the Wannalancit Mill in Lowell, Massachusetts — another mill city on the Merrimack River that shaped America’s Industrial Revolution. Lowell is also the city I was born and raised in, so it holds a special place in my heart. The Wannalancit Mill was …

The Back Steps

In 14mm f2.8, urbex by Robert Lussier10 Comments

  I know. I know. More stairs. I can’t help myself. I know I have a couple of more images like this one from the Belchertown State School but there is something refreshing about shooting a familiar subject with a new lens. In this case, I revisited this site with my 14mm 2.8 lens. I …

Stone Ascent

In 14mm f2.8, lawrence, urbex by Robert Lussier4 Comments

  The Central Staircase at the Stone Mill is not your average staircase. It defies the classic order and symmetry normally associated with a spiral staircase. For this reason alone, the stairs are fun to re-shoot. This time I went after them with my 14mm prime lens. The linear distortion gives the staircase new meaning. …

Ayer Mill Stairs

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The architecture of these 19th century mills have a lot in common. With the exception of the Stone Mill, they are all made primarily of bricks and wooden beams. They were built primarily for function, not form. The tall windows and vast open floor space were designed to maximize natural lighting and accommodate the huge …


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I think I need help. I can’t stop shooting these old staircases. They are all similar in many ways, but each set of stairways seems to have its own personality. This is sixth floor landing of one of the stairwells in the Everett Mill in Lawrence. Related Images:

Looking Up

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The fact that I’ve posted several shots of this great old stairwell over the past few weeks will give you a clue as to how much I liked shooting it. This shot is from the bottom floor looking up. I posted the opposite view after my first visit to this building a few weeks ago …

For M. C. Escher

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I think the title says it all. My fascination with staircases and stairwells, especially the ones in the old mills is directly related to my love of  M. C. Escher‘s work. This one is from the Everett Mill in Lawrence. I just love the the symmetry. Related Images:


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The title of this post is not about this image of the Stone Mill Staircase and Doorway (although I do hope you like it) but about the motivation behind my mill photography. It is History. While buildings like these are a haven for us “urbex” photographers, for me they also hold some sentimental value. I grew …

Stone Mill Staircase

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I spent last Saturday shooting at the Stone Mill with a very talented HDR Photographer, Brian Matiash. Six hours of shooting and two different perspectives on a historic old building. This old spiral staircase has amazing character. I could spend hours shooting and come up with dozens of great (or at least good) images. The building …