Bolton Emerson Americas: Industrial Light

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Thing is, I’ve driven past buildings like this before. They are not of the style of architecture that make you turn your head and say, “Damn. I need to photograph that.” They are part of the benign urban landscape. You just keep driving. No second thought. But light is an amazing thing. It can transform …

Morning’s Light

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The day started early. I met my friend, Tom Short, at the Washington Mill a couple of Friday’s ago at 7:00 AM. The main building, like most in Lawrence, started as a textile mill. It found a new life, in the 80s, or 90s as a paper company. Jersey Paper ceased operations in Lawrence around …

Light Moves

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This past Saturday’s bright blue skies and summer-like temperatures did a lot to elevate everyone’s moods in the Boston area. Especially after the torrential rains and flooding of the weekend before. Even the Stone Mill seemed to be enjoying the weather as the morning sunlight makes its way across the floor. Related Images: