Another set of images from the trip to Nevada in April of 2012.

On my last full day of shooting I traveled a little ways up the grass Valley Road, about 10 miles outside of Austin Nevada off of Route 50. The manager of the hotel told me I would find this ranch there. She didn’t tell me it was surrounded by barbed wire. As remote as it was, I wasn’t really afraid to trespass but I was afraid of getting hung up on the barbed wire. Which of course, I did. A slight tear in the jeans was the only damage.

  • The Shed
  • Stables
  • Stable Window
  • Stable Door
  • Stable
  • Shed
  • Bunk House
  • Bunk House Interior
  • Ranch House
  • Stable


  1. I believ this is the same, (or cloe to the same) ranch I worked on in the early 90s. A man named Bill raised prize bulls and the place was originally an old town. The building next to the washroom was the *** house. I think this was the place, about 35mi east of austin?

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