Clock Tower

The three square images are my personal favorite images of my Clock Tower study. They work very well together to paint a picture of the Clock. They would work very well in the order shown. You could compliment the grouping by also displaying the image below in the same room, showing the Clock Tower and Ayer Mill from the Pacific Mill.


I like these two images together. They capture a bit of history. However, they cannot be printed too large, since the sensor on the camera I had at the time was pretty small. Plus, I shot the images at a pretty high ISO.

Wool Recipe

The two images below are from a wool dye “recipe book.” It specs out the mixture of ink to achieve a particular color. The book was used in Lawrence in the 19th century and is part the Lawrence History Center’s collection. It is a nice piece of history.

River Weather

Three images taken along the river in some stormy conditions. The might look good in the same room.

North Canal

These three images were all taken in the North Canal district. Of, from and near the Everett Mill.

Long Panos

These might work if you have some long space to fill. The top image is from the vault in the History Center. The bottom one is the turbine control panel at the Pacific Mill. The turbine image would look great large.


Here are a few more including some your staff picked and one or two of my favorites.

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