Boston From Lo Presti Park

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Boston Skyline from Lo Presti Park

This was one of the last shots I grabbed during a great solo shoot at Lo Presti Park in East Boston a few weeks ago. Definitely one of my favorites.

I usually use NIK SilverEfex Pro 2 for processing black and white images but decided to put it aside for this image. I wanted to see what I could do using only Photoshop adjustment layers. I was surprised at how quickly it came together and I’m really happy with the final image.

Robert LussierBoston From Lo Presti Park

The Odd Fellows Hall

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Odd Fellows Hall

Last Friday I had the opportunity to explore some unique space in the town of Franklin, a quaint little mill town in the lakes region of New Hampshire. The town is located at the confluence of the Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee rivers, where they form the Merrimack River, which flows into my neck of the woods — the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts. Fitting, I’d say.

The area is worth exploring more, but on this day, the shooting prize was what is left of the Odd Fellows Hall. It is located on the third floor (the top floor) of a downtown building. Sandwiched between this ghost of the past and a vacant storefront is a handful of small apartments. Our guide was a local entrepreneur who is in the process of rehabilitating many of the old mills in the hopes of bringing some industry, new culture and new blood into the town.

It is hard to describe the Hall, really. It clearly has not been occupied since the Odd Fellows’ days. The paint and woodwork appeared original, as is the electrical system. Yet it lacked an element of decay you might expect to see. It boasts the original ornate 19th century tin ceilings  and it even has a small theater.

Over the next few posts you’ll see several images from this place.  My goal in shooting it was to capture the stark simplicity of the place. All will be processed in the same manner — using a very simple preset from Nik AnalogEfex Pro2.  The compositions are simple and straightforward.

Today’s image: a shot from the hallway looking into a bathroom on the left, and what we believe was the main function hall on the right.

Robert LussierThe Odd Fellows Hall

A World Away

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Lo Presti Park, East Boston

A companion piece to yesterday’s image from Lo Presti Park. The unifying element in the two (as well as the others I grabbed that day) is long exposure.

Long exposure is a style of photography that I have absolutely fallen in love with over the past couple of years — one that I don’t get to shoot nearly enough. Sunday gave me the opportunity to do it!

I had to pick my wife and son up at the airport that day so I thought I’d go in early and do some shooting. Their flight was due to get in around sunset, thus ruling out a sunset shoot, so I was restricted to shooting in some harsh, late afternoon conditions.  Between that and the mostly overcast conditions, I was thinking in black and white.

This particular shot is about a 30 second exposure on the OM-D E-M1. The lens was the 12-40mm (24-18mm on 35mm) set at 30mm at f/11.

Processing was done in Nik Silver Efex Pro2.

Robert LussierA World Away

Lo Presti

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Boston Skyline from Lo Presti Park

Lo Presti Park in East Boston is on my list of places to shoot at sunrise (if I can ever get up early enough). If my timing were better I would have been there for sunset on Sunday, but I had to pick my wife and son up at the airport at 7:30 pm, so my shooting was limited to late afternoon. And under some not great conditions. It was hazy and humid with the sun poking in and out of the clouds.

I was hoping the sun would stay hidden so I could shoot some predictable long exposures (I just hate it when the sun pops out in the middle of a 30 second exposure). For the most part I got my wish.

This is one opt my favorites from the shoot.

More to come.


Robert LussierLo Presti

Kinsman Falls

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I spent about 45 minutes photographing this falls along the Cascade Trail in Franconia Notch a couple of weeks ago. Of course, that was before the day ended so badly for my sister (see my previous post for details).

Kinsman Falls is about a 20 foot drop.  Certainly not that biggest waterfall in the area, but it is quite pretty. You can hear it from the trail and just barely see it through the trees. To get to it you have to scramble down the bank about 15 feet. Not a long climb, but a bit steep.

Robert LussierKinsman Falls

Lonesome Lake IR

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This is an infrared shot of Lonesome Lake. It sits to the South of Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch at about 2,700 ft above sea level.

If you hike the Cascade trail to get here, the journey is as rewarding as this view. The trail crosses the cascades twice and features a couple of gorgeous waterfalls along the way. The only one I got to shoot, however, was Kinsman Falls. I made mental notes of the other one, as well as other spots I intended to shoot on the way down. However, my hiking companion and sister took a nasty spill along the trail about a half mile from the lake, shattering her wrist.

There was no doubt of the break. Even if my sister Anne wasn’t a nurse, the unusual lumpiness and rapid swelling of her wrist was a dead giveaway.  

To make a long story short, we made our way carefully up to Lonesome Lake and the AMC Hut, which is nestled on its shore, where we were greeted by a concerned staff (who had been forewarned of my sister’s accident by concerned hikers who had passed us on the last stretch). They fashioned a splint to keep her arm and wrist still and gave her something to eat and drink. Two of the girls even accompanied us down the mountain via a shorter trail, then drove us to the car (about two miles from our original trailhead).

I’m happy to say that my sister is recovering well. I brought her to the ER in Plymouth NH where they x-rayed, diagnosed and properly set her wrist. She’ll be back to normal in about 6 weeks.

I guess when you break a bone in ski country, odds are you will be attended by a good orthopedic doctor.

Oh … when the two young ladies from the Hut started hiking back down with my sister, I took the opportunity to lag behind and grab a couple of shots of the lake.

I know. It is all about me.

Seriously, my hat is off to Anne. It was a tough break (no pun intended).  She made it up the mountain and back down (a very steep trail) again while enduring some mind numbing pain! Truly #Pro!

Robert LussierLonesome Lake IR

This Old House

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This Old House

An old friend of mine, Mike Swanson, turned me on to the location of this house when he posted a photo of the barn across the street on Facebook. I’ll be posting my own shots of the barn in the near future.

I am very grateful to Mike. It is not only a great spot to shoot, but the window may be narrow to do so. The property has been up for sale for some time nut is now under agreement. There is no telling when the construction crew will move in and make it all pretty again.

Robert LussierThis Old House

Kinsman Falls

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Kinsman Falls, White Mountains, NH

Kinsman Falls is a bit of a drop off of the Basin-Cascade Trail in the Franconia area of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, but it is well worth the climb down to the river.

The water drops about 20 feet into a wide pool and the rocks in the river allow for some interesting compositions as the water flows down river.

The Falls are a short hike up trail. You can park at The Basin, on Route 3/I-93 in Franconia Notch.

I spent far less time shooting on this trail than I originally planned. My sister and I planned to hike to the AMC hike at Lonesome Lake and back down the same trail. As we made our way to the lake I noted several spots I wanted to shoot and planned to stop on the way back down when the sun was a little lower (the light a little better).

My plans were thwarted when, about a third of a mile from the lake, my sister slipped on a boulder and slammed her wrist into another boulder, breaking it.

That pretty much killed the shooting day, but did make for a pretty great story. Which I will get into in a later post.

Robert LussierKinsman Falls